Business Coaching

Look in the mirror and beyond

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Seems straightforward but its often ignored. Leaders of great businesses change, and develop them selves to change and grow their business. One does not go without the other. 

Change can be scary. But as a leader you always know when that time arrived. When you can't solve your problems any longer the way you have been until than. 

I have been there. Working in senior leadership positions for big international brands like IBM and from the age of 28 has pushed me to change. To go next level, to make my business go next level. 

I know the problems leaders face but also have a unique ingredient that always helped me to solve any problem. Next to my ‘day jobs’ I became a zen and yoga teacher, a breath coach and system constellation facilitator. My secret sauce is that I know how to combine all of this, to unleash yourself and your business. Connecting spirtual growth to business growth. 

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