Business Meditations 

Connecting Teams to Their Purpose - 

Unlocking Invisible Ties for Growth


“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

The question is, if invisible, how do we connect to these ties and how do we use them to grow and develop? A simple awnser is meditation. It might sound strange to meditate in a business environment but meditation is nothing more than concentrating your mind and breath in a specific way. By doing this together as a group you will connect with yourself, the group and the business in a way you have not felt before. This state of being is the basis for succuful teamwork and problem resolution. 

Based on years of mediation training in the field or Zen, Yoga and Tao,  I develop meditations for specific purposes with a clear goal in mind. This allows a team to truly connect with themselves, their teams and the purpose of the gathering; for example during a team event/off site, team building exercise or workshop. 

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